Monday, April 22, 2013

Reflective Essay

            When the idea of sending the first email was introduced to the masses I wonder if the difficulty to come was ever thought through. This course would prove to be the most difficult, frustrating, mind blowing and intriguing college course that I have ever signed up for and come committed myself to. Introduction to Technology is more like an introduction to what life will be like in 3 years. There were times and moments where the complete irritation of just logging into certain websites seemed nearly impossible and life ending. But then there were times (Digital Story Telling), and Pecha Kucha, where I could think to myself “there has to be a catch to this because its way to easy, prehistorically easy”. Along the course I discovered that it was not what you didn’t know but more along the lines of how much you were willing to learn. I myself “through in the towel” on several occasions due to the fact that my “mastery” of basic computer knowledge were not sufficing like I thought they would. But persistence and dedication allowed me to reevaluate the course and gather myself and succeed (by my terms) in completing and passing the course.

            The engagement aspect of the course was at times a little strenuous but more intimidating if anything. Working with groups of individuals whom sometimes know more about websites and social networks than others could be difficult but it’s very much needed. They only critique that I could find myself having with the course would be the amount of information presented at one time. I understand that it was a course designed for one day a week but if the more important aspect of the course could be covered with a few pace breakers thrown in, I believe the course has the potential to be a top class freshman through senior year.
            Overall I found that I thoroughly enjoyed Introduction to technology on an extremely high level. The wix website creation gave me the most confidence in developing lesson plans and communicating effectively with students and parents. I came in confused but I am finishing extremely confident and complete.

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  1. The act of persistence can often be frustrating, but you also found accomplishment in it. There will always be challenges accompanied by hardships - that is life, as they say! It is what we do with those barriers and achievements that matters - it is how we cope with 'life', it is our attitude about our world. :) The same really is true with technology - it is going to be in our lives and in our classrooms - it is what we do with it that matters...and I hope that you now begin to see the way it can transform learning. Learning something new (or something you dislike) is always a struggle, but I also believe that the best of everything does involve some of the push and pull of easy/difficult, good/bad, etc. I am so proud of you in your endurance for this class! :) And, I really hope that you take that even further as you pursue your future endeavors.